Take Another Look At Mosbacher's Record

I was disheartened to read your bleak assessment of Robert Mosbacher's tenure as Commerce Secretary ("Nice try, Mr. Mosbacher. Next . . . ," Government, Sept. 23). A closer look at the record indicates that Mosbacher's efforts at the Commerce Dept. are aimed at bolstering American competitiveness in global markets. Under his leadership, the Commerce Dept. has made impressive inroads for U. S. interests abroad, especially in Japan. Through creation of the Trade Promotion Coordinating Committee in Washington, he has streamlined access to government information, shrewdly putting together pieces of the existing bureaucracy and making it work more effectively for businesses. That he was able to bring the issues of U. S. competitiveness to the highest levels of government is a sure reflection of his success as Commerce Secretary.

Charles H. Percy, Chairman

U. S. International Cultural & Trade

Center Commission