A Vacuum Cleaner Bag That Leaves Nothing To Sneeze At

A microscopic sampling of the dust in your living room would reveal a world teeming with life. Those with allergies already know about this unseen universe, which can kick off sneezing and runny noses, or worse. Until recently, vacuum-cleaner bags weren't able to contain these enemies.

Now, Studley Products Inc. of Inwood, N. Y., has come up with a new micro-filter vacuum bag. The two-ply bag combines a traditional paper filter with a second layer of electrostatically charged polypropylene. Studley claims that the inner layer of plastic traps more than 95% of the incoming dust mites, pollen, and other, larger microscopic bacteria. That makes it about 3.5 times as efficient as conventional bags. The micro bag's electric charge also attracts and traps some 80% of smaller dust particles, such as tobacco smoke, yeast, and fungi. The bags cost about $12 for a three-pack, three times as much as conventional bags.