Take Me Out To The Courthouse

Here's further proof, if any were needed, that no good deed goes unpunished. Paul Katzeff, CEO of Thanksgiving Coffee Co. and a certified baseball nut, thought he had a swell idea to raise money to restore a run-down municipal baseball diamond located near his headquarters in Mendocino County, Calif., and sell more coffee in the bargain. Katzeff concocted a blend of beans from countries, such as the Dominican Republic, that live and breathe beisbol. Each time he sells a pound of Grand Slam Coffee, he donates 50~ to help build a new field of dreams. He plans to take his scheme nationwide--if the lawyers for Denny's Restaurants let him.

Denny's features a Grand Slam breakfast, and its lawyers claim Katzeff's coffee might confuse people. What's truly confusing is that Denny's Grand Slam meals don't even include coffee. "They have," sniffs Katzeff, "weak grounds."