Japan Must `Earn The Respect It Craves'

Regarding your article "Hidden Ja pan?" (Cover Story, Aug. 26): Perhaps your readers would appreciate a follow-up story on "The Hidden Japan--in America." Like a lamprey eel on a Lake Michigan trout, Japan Inc.'s growing Midwest automobile-manufacturing and parts keiretsu is methodically sucking the life out of the American automobile industry. It's too bad that Japan can't grow up as a nation and earn the respect it craves. It could start by rejecting its repulsive business practices, which are tantamount to cheating on an exam or winning a race but failing the steroid test afterward. Instead, it chooses to run a $350 million public-relations blitz in this country rather than open its markets and embrace acceptable business practices at home and abroad.

John A. Grubb

Savoy, Ill.

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