An Agency Puts Its Money Where Its Accounts Are

I was quoted out of context in a recent piece ("JWT: Fraying carpets and frayed nerves," Marketing, Aug. 19). I said about the budgeting process: "The philosophy on their side is `demand the outrageous.' On our side, it is `give the least.' Out of the resulting compromise comes what's best for both." The last sentence was left out of the quotation. To me, this epitomizes the exaggerated emphasis on WPP's role, which the entire article exhibits. I don't know a single agency that has not taken steps in this recessionary period to contain costs. We certainly have; yet J. Walter Thompson has added $190 million in new billings in the first six months of 1991, not including the Northwest Airlines assignment. It's true: We're not spending money on carpets. We are spending it on giving our clients better work.

Burt Manning


J. Walter Thompson Co.

New York

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