P Cs Of The Future: Just Another Tool?

You say in your article that a laser-disk encyclopedia in the future "might" have voices, video, and sound to accompany the usual text and drawings. Yet the picture of the Himalayan cat on a television screen that appeared in your story is from the 1991 New Grolier Electronic Encyclopedia (Commodore version).

This is, in fact, a multimedia encyclopedia--with text, colored pictures, drawings, maps, voices, and other sounds--and is available to consumers today. This encyclopedia, which has a listprice of $395, contains on a single CD-ROM the entire text of the 21-volume Academic American Encyclopedia, and it is sold in three formats: IBM PC andcompatibles, Macintosh, and CDTV from Commodore.

David M. Arganbright


Grolier Electronic Publishing Inc.

Danbury, Conn.

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