O. K., Drop The 5 Iron, Nice And Easy

Golfers are notorious tattletales. Any time they spot a rules infraction during a televised tournament, they flood the network with calls denouncing the errant player. No wonder Rhode Island police, hunting a banker charged with embezzling $13 million and sparking the state's bank crisis, have turned to the country-club set for help.

September's Golf Digest carries a photo of Joseph Mollicone Jr.--under the headline "Crooked Stick"--and urges readers to keep an eye out for the 10-handicap fugitive. Mollicone, the former president of Heritage Loan & Investment, has been missing since November. Most fugitives lie low at first, says John LaCross, the state police detective who's leading the search. "But if the person is an avid golfer, like Mollicone, they get itchy when they can't get out on the course." Several golfers have called with Mollicone sightings. No word on whether he was cheating.