A `Magazine' You Can Tape Off Your Tv Screen

In the wee hours of Oct. 1, Future Media StillFrame "magazine" will make its blurry debut. In just 30 seconds, 900 pages of news about high-tech subjects, especially developments in multimedia technology, will be "printed" on every television screen tuned to San Francisco's KOFY-TV. Nobody can possibly read that fast, of course. You're supposed to tape the broadcast with a videocassette recorder and then play it back still frame by still frame.

The brainchild of Taylor Barcroft, founder of StillFrame Bureau in Berkeley, Calif., the idea has some novel twists. Production is inexpensive, handled with a Macintosh computer and desktop publishing software. There are no printing, paper, or distribution costs, just the expense of a post-midnight TV spot, which will double to one minute for StillFrame's November issue. For revenue, Barcroft plans to sell scores of "print" ads inside his ad. But several stations have refused to air the magazine, because they prohibit "subletting" of ads.

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