For The Not So Studious, A Pc Crib

As the new school year begins, students everywhere are going to be forsaking their MTV to slog through Shakespeare, Tolstoy, or George Eliot. But for those who can't quite get around to finishing up Middlemarch in time for the midterm, there are always study aids such as Cliffs Notes, which condense the great works of literature into digestible, 20-minute summaries. Now, Simon & Schuster Inc., publisher of the rival MonarchNotes series, is trying to make it even easier for procrastinating students to get the instant gratification that they're looking for.

The publisher has teamed up with the Bureau of Electronic Publishing Inc. in Parsippany, N. J., to create a single CD-ROM disk containing the entire series of Monarch Notes--covering over 200 books and plays. The $99 disk works with any IBM PC-compatible or Apple Macintosh computer equipped with a CD-ROM drive. In addition, it's fully indexed, so students can search for key words and topics.

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