System 7: You Read The Manual, Now See The Movie

Coming soon to a Macintosh screen near you: System 7--The Movie. It's an animated cartoon to teach people how to use Apple Computer Inc.'s latest operating system, or core software, called System 7. Unlike previous Mac operating systems, this one can supervise several programs--such as a word processor and a spreadsheet--running at the same time, making it more complex and difficult to learn. To help novices, the compact-disk-based program uses Aristotle, Leonardo da Vinci, and Sir Isaac Newton as characters to explore various technical aspects of the software. Should viewers have questions regarding material covered by the star-studded cast, Angela, a Mac guru, comes to their aid.

The Whitley Group, a software developer in Charlotte, N. C., originally wrote the training program for use at Westinghouse Electric Corp.'s Savannah River nuclear power station, a large Mac customer. Since then, however, it has begun selling the 45-minute disk to other customers, Apple dealers, user groups, and even Apple Computer itself. System 7--The Movie sells for $150--but buttered popcorn isn't included with the price of admission.

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