Hair Today, A Job Tomorrow?

It's a truism in economics that someone profits from even the gloomiest of economic times. During the Great Depression, movie theaters packed `em in as people sought escape, if only for a few hours, from grim reality.

That was perhaps a more innocent era. These days, as that camera ad says, "image is everything." Which probably helps explain why Dr. Gary Hitzig's business is booming. A New York surgeon who specializes in hair transplants, Hitzig is working his tonsorial magic on laid-off stockbrokers, accountants, and bankers seeking a more youthful look before their next job interview.

These new clients spend $1,500 to $7,000 of their severance packages at Hitzig's clinic. Says Hitzig: "I'm learning more about the financial world than I ever knew before." And if you told him this recession was a hairy one, he'd probably just smile and agree.

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