These Snapshots Are A Snap To Digitize

Everyone knows that a picture is worth a thousand words, but incorporating one into a computer document can be more trouble than it's worth. After taking the picture using an ordinary camera, the film must be developed, printed, and then digitized into the computer using a scanner. But Fremont (Calif.)-based Logitech Inc. may soon make it a snap for desktop publishers to add images with a new digital camera.

FotoMan works much like an ordinary camera, but there's no film to develop. You point it at the subject, press a button, and the paperback-book-size device stores a digital record of the image in its memory. What's more, FotoMan doesn't need expensive add-in circuit boards: It sends data to a serial port, which most PCs already have. That way, for example, a real estate or insurance agent can take a picture of a property and store it along with a written report in a laptop PC. FotoMan will come with FotoTouch software, allowing digital photographers to touch up their gray-scale photos. The entire package is expected to be available by October for a retail price of $799.

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