See Dan. See Dan Look For Waldo

Check out the front page of the paper: The politicians are preparing for next year's Presidential election. Scan the best-seller list: "Waldo" books as far as the eye can see. Put the two phenomena together, and you get Where's Dan Quayle?, a takeoff on the Waldo series.

Like the Waldo books, Where's Dan Quayle?, by Jim Becker and Andy Mayer, is really a game. The object: Find the Veep among the goofy characters populating an illustration. The rendering of the 1988 GOP convention features delegates from Pluto, a vendor selling coffee on a stick, and a note from Quayle asking: "Does this mean I get an honorary degree from the Electoral College?"

Collier Books Editor-in-Chief Mark Chimsky expects big things from this book, due out on Sept. 12. "People are starting to think about the election," he says. "And when we think about the Vice-President, we all get a little nervous, don't we?"

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