Investment Figures Of The Week

Spurred by an improving economy and the announced merger of two big New York 
      banks, the Dow industrials made another rush toward 3000. But the rally 
      couldn't be sustained. Disappointments on second-quarter earnings are hurting. 
      Stocks are getting no help from the bond market, where inflation fears are 
      keeping rates stubbornly high. June's Consumer Price Index was above 
      expectations, and oil prices are at the highest point since the start of the 
      Persian Gulf war in January.
         All data on this page are as of market close Wednesday, July 17, 1991, 
      unless otherwise indicated. Industry groups include S&P 500 companies only; 
      performance and share prices are as of market close July 16. Mutual fund 
      returns are of of July 12. Relative portfolios are valued as of July 16. A 
      more detailed explanation of this page is available on request.

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