So You Wanna Own A Baseball Team

Before he bought the San Diego Padres in June, 1990, television producer Tom Werner loved to play rotisserie-league baseball, "owning" an imaginary team composed of major-league stars. Owning the real thing isn't always as much fun. A month after he and 14 partners closed their $75 million deal to buy the Padres, Werner watched in horror as Roseanne Barr, star of his hit series Roseanne, screeched and scratched her way through the National Anthem. His first year as an owner also featured a still-simmering salary dispute with All-Star catcher Benito Santiago, open feuding between stars Tony Gwynn and Jack Clark, and a front-office purge. "I'm glad that year is over," says Werner. "I've learned that baseball is a tough, bottom-line business."

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