Some Exxon Dealers Say: `We Wuz Robbed'

Now, Exxon is taking flak from within its ranks. Fourteen gasoline dealers in four states sued the oil giant on May 13, contending that they were gypped out of eight years of promised discounts. The class action, filed in federal court in Miami, charges that as many as 6,000 Exxon dealers throughout the country were not paid a rebate on the 3% fee they had to pay for credit-card purchases. "Exxon would keep telling the dealers they were getting the discount," says their Miami attorney, Milton Wallace, who estimates that damages could total more than $400 million.

He notes that Exxon admitted at a national dealers' meeting in November that it had not paid the promised discounts. Exxon officials say they haven't seen the suit but believe the allegations are unfounded.

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