I Won't Tell You Where You're Going, Either

People want what they can't have. People can't have Bill Fischer's phone number. Ergo, people will covet Fischer's number. That appears to be the logic behind the public-relations blitz that Howard J. Rubenstein Associates has launched on Fischer's behalf.

Fischer runs an oh-so-exclusive travel agency, Fischer Travel Enterprises, that caters to types who fly the Concorde, tuck in only at the most luxurious hotels, and never miss Wimbledon. He boasts an unlisted phone number, and new customers need referrals from existing clients. Even Sylvester Stallone, he says, "couldn't get our number and had to go through someone else."

So why do Fischer's PR handouts include his phone number? Fischer says Rubenstein let that slip without his knowledge. He also doesn't want to see it in print--though "you can print my address," he says. Sorry, Bill, we're out of space.

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