Taking Giant Steps Toward The Fast Track

"I believe in chances," says 28-year-old Iva Halouskova, who spent five years as a free-lance production manager working for Art Centrum, Czechoslovakia's state-run arts organization. Last year, Halouskova jumped to one of her country's new advertising agencies, AB Line Studios. The small agency, which was one of the first to create consumer-oriented ads in the country, was quickly snapped up by U. S.-based Young & Rubicam Inc.

Halouskova, who boasts an advanced degree in psychology, realized she needed more knowledge to compete in her country's rapidly changing economy, so she enrolled in the U. S. Business School in Prague. "I'm very pragmatic," she says. "I have to survive and be good in some ways that are wider than we have in Czechoslovakia." She's not sure what she'll do once she earns her degree, but she believes the school will be "part of my entrance ticket to the civilized world."

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