Monkey See, Monkey Wear

It's 30 million yuppies' favorite prime-time drama. No, it's a home-shopping show. Wait--you're both right.

It's thirtysomething, wherein Elliot blames himself for Nancy's cancer, Melissa looks for love in all the wrong places, and Gary buys the farm. Now, you can play the home version--or at least dress the part.

The show's producers have licensed a line of clothing inspired by outfits worn by thirtysomething's characters. Highlights include $35 retro ties for Elliot wannabes and turtlenecks and stirrup pants that offer Hope's and Nancy's mommy chic. Sorry, guys--if you covet Michael's Armani suits, you'll just have to fend for yourselves. Sales of the thirtysomething duds should reach $15 million the first year, says Lenny Heller, a principal at distributor Apparel Resources International. It's a good thing marketing wasn't such a big deal back when The Honeymooners was a hit.

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