How Chung Ju Yung Is Trying To Reunite Korea

At an age when most men have long since retired, 76-year-old Chung Ju-Yung proclaims he plans to work for 25 more years. Rising before 5 a.m., the honorary chairman of South Korea's giant Hyundai Business Group often starts his day by rereading biographies of powerful men who have changed world history. By 6 a.m., he's on the phone to Hyundai branches around the world. That's followed by breakfast at home with one or more of his seven sons. Then, he and the sons walk 2 1/2 miles to Hyundai headquarters, arriving by 7:40. His typical day ends 16 hours later, ideally capped by drinks with a friend, such as movie star Choi Pul-Am. "I love working, so I never feel tired," Chung says.

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