Sushi, A Show, And A Quick Transfusion

In Japan, people pop the question as soon as they're introduced. "What's your blood type?" Forget horoscopes. Destiny, they say, is in the veins. Generous and bold? Surely type O. Industrious? Gotta be an A. Impulsive and flexible? Must be B. Both creative and rational? AB for sure.

But blood-typecasting has soared beyond the singles bars, tabloids, and silly guessing games. A manager at Mitsubishi Electric has lined up a 12-member team--ABs only, please--to dream up the next generation of fax machines. Japan's official parliamentary directory records each member's blood type and party affiliation. One nursery school near Tokyo even divides its 90 tots into classes based on blood type.

All this has the experts seeing red. "It's idiotic, pure fiction," fumes Hideomi Nakahara, a Tokyo biotechnologist. Now isn't that just like an AB?

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