Now, A `Palm Top' Pc And A Spreadsheet To Boot

You'll soon have more than business cards to slip into your breast pocket. Hewlett-Packard Co. plans to announce on Apr. 23 an 11-ounce, checkbook-size personal computer that comes with a complete built-in version of Lotus Development Corp.'s 1-2-3 spreadsheet. Powered by two AA batteries, the micro-PC is compatible with the IBM PC/XT class of desktop computers. The "palmtop" also will have a calculator, calendar, Rolodex, and organizer features.

Code-named Jaguar, the tiny $699 computer is aimed at the millions of 1-2-3 users who might like to update their spreadsheets on the go without resorting to heavier laptops. The first machines are expected to be available this summer and by yearend, HP is expected to offer a wireless communications option that would allow users to send and receive information from their home or office PCs.

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