Wanted: Chambermaids. Iron Nerves A Must

You're late, you're late, for a very important date. No time for more than a cursory glance around your hotel room to make sure you packed everything you arrived with--you've got business to do, and it's time to move. At your next stop, you realize you've left behind your calculator or your toothbrush.

That's just the ho-hum detritus of the business traveler's life. But as Westin Hotels & Resorts found in an informal, in-house survey, departing guests will occasionally spring weird surprises on the housekeeping crew. How weird? Would you believe the disembodied heads of Madonna and Mae West? Fortunately, they were mannequins. And how do you explain a brand-new, unclaimed car radiator? For sheer strangeness, though, it's hard to top the rock band Pink Floyd. When they checked out of a Westin in San Francisco, they left behind a straw-littered luxury suite filled with live chickens. Don't ask.

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