How Prodigy Is Keeping The Data Bases Covered

For about $10 per month, subscribers of Prodigy Services Co. can tap into about 800 information and communications services. But some consumers want more, so the joint venture of IBM and Sears has added Custom Choices, two new options at premium prices.

For an extra $15 per month, Prodigy subscribers can scour stories from Investor's Daily as well as current and historical data on 4,800 stocks and 2,500 mutual funds. The information can be printed out or downloaded to a spreadsheet for detailed analysis. And a new service called Baseball Manager lets subscribers play an electronic version of the popular "rotisserie baseball." In rotisserie, players create teams by drafting and trading real ball players. Then they use actual statistics to keep score. So if you pick Darryl Strawberry and he hits a home run in real life, your fantasy team earns the run. On-line team managers can have Prodigy's computer keep a daily tab of their dream team's statistics for $120 per season.

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