And Please Include 80,000 Packages Of Dye

Just like people, organizations sometimes decide they simply must update their wardrobe. Century 21 is one of the latest to feel the urge. Soon, if all goes according to plan, the more than 80,000 agents of the real estate network will trade in their gold blazers for something more beige, more `90s.

Of course, that raises the question of what to do with 80,000 rather bright blazers. The folks at Century 21 have decided to send their old coats to Armenia. The idea came from Robin Dole, Senator Robert Dole's daughter, who is the company's lobbyist. The Kansas Republican, who has strong connections to the Armenian community, says he can help clear the way. That's certainly a worthy gesture, but why not distribute the blazers to homeless people in the U. S.? Century 21 had considered that, says a spokesman, but "we didn't think that was exactly the kind of image that we wanted to project."

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