Americans Resent Japan's No Show In The Gulf

Iraq may have lost the shooting war, but Japan lost the public relations war. Fully 73% of the American public believes Japan got away without contributing its fair share to coalition forces in the gulf. And although Germany pledged only half as much money as Japan to the war effort, Japan consistently fares worse than Germany on several war-related issues. Only 46% of the public feels Germany did not do its fair share, the same percentage that wants tougher trade policies with Germany in the war's aftermath. In contrast, 68% would like a harder line on trade with Japan for its behavior during the war, and 64% say they are less likely to buy Japanese products. Only 28% admire Japan's economic success a great deal. That's more than for Germany, but sharply down from the 49% the last time we asked that question in 1989. And Germany ranks higher as a foreign policy partner for the U. S.

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