A Talk With Dan Quayle: `Washington Loves A Free Lunch'

Despite a war victory that sent President Bush's approval rating rocketing skyward, Dan Quayle's ratings remain steadfastly earthbound. The Vice-President has been dutifully following the Bush script and immersing himself in task forces on government red tape and space exploration while keeping up a busy schedule of Democrat-bashing road trips. Despite it all, postwar polls show that Quayle hasn't convinced many Americans of his fitness to succeed Bush. In a recent interview in his White House office, Quayle met with Washington Bureau Chief Lee Walczak and White House Correspondent Douglas Harbrecht. The Vice-President talked up the work of his Competitiveness Council, stung the Democrats with an uppercut for questioning the war effort, and mulled the gulf war's implications for relations with Japan. He also brushed aside concerns expressed by the National Academy of Sciences about a new space station design he championed. And in a terse reply to his critics, Quayle dismissed speculation that his spot on the `92 GOP ticket might be in jeopardy.

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