Software For Little Guys With Big Horizons

Small and midsize American companies often ignore international markets. That contrasts starkly with the situation in Japan and Europe, where small companies are major exporters. Many U. S. small fry would like to get their feet wet--if they only knew where to begin.

One starting point might be World Trader, a software package for IBM-type personal computers from GateWaze Inc. in Manchester, Mass. This $479 program is a bundle of four integrated, easy-to-search data bases designed to help small-business executives spot and exploit export opportunities. The information is updated quarterly. The Export Reference, for example, is a primer on international trade. Details on 50 foreign markets--from types of imports to distribution channels--are provided by the Market Analyst. Info-Deck is a file of names and phone numbers of trade-oriented organizations such as the Export-Import Bank and the Commerce Dept. Finally, an almanac contains statistics on 125 countries.