And The Bald Guy Is Way Out Front...

Sponsorship of sporting events used to be limited to breweries and makers of shaving cream and the like. That has changed, of course, and now it's not unusual to find golf tournaments and stock-car races bedizened with the corporate logos of everything from telephone companies to purveyors of panty hose. Still, there are certain brand names you just do not expect to find adorning athletic competitions.

One of them is Rogaine, the prescription baldness treatment from Upjohn. Sure, male runners probably take an interest in their personal appearance, but the folks at Upjohn seem to think that sponsoring 5,000-meter races in Los Angeles and Chicago will help sales of their product. Then again, Mauricio Gonzales, the men's winner of the latest 5K, in Los Angeles on Mar. 3, is getting a bit thin on top. What if he came back next year with a full head of hair?

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