`Of Course, Sir, Sit Wherever You Like'

Remember your last miserable airplane flight? Remember grumbling that animals are treated better than the average air traveler? You don't know how right you were.

The six Western Lowland gorillas that recently flew Emery Worldwide from Cincinnati to San Diego enjoyed creature comforts that most frequent fliers would envy. They had a big plane almost to themselves--a veterinarian or two tagged along--and plenty of fresh fruit. No movie, but no tedious lectures on what to do "in the unlikely event of loss of cabin pressure," either. Of course, the royal treatment isn't cheap: Emery's fee was $40,000 or so--banana daiquiris not included.

Actually, Emery seems to be the animal kingdom's airline of choice. The freight carrier regularly hauls livestock to Hawaii, where the animals do their part to freshen up the state's gene pool. Hawaiian honeymoons are so romantic.

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