Paperless Resumes For Overburdened Personnel Offices

Advertisements for job openings can result in thousands of resumes pouring into personnel departments of large companies. That can make it hard to find the applicants who are really best suited to the jobs. Now, the Human Resources Information Network says its new data base can provide some relief for overworked personnel staffs.

The Resumes-On-Computer data base is a collection of more than 3,300 resumes produced by Curtis Publishing Co., an Indianapolis-based publishing company that has agreements with several national outplacement firms and professional resume-writing services. For an annual subscription rate averaging $1,790, human resource managers can search through resumes to find that special applicant who often gets overlooked in traditional paper resumes. ROC is one of 70 different data bases available on the Human Resource Information Network, an on-line service produced by Executive Telecom System International Inc. in Indianapolis.

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