A Palm Size Pc With A World Of Information

In 1988, when Poqet Computer Corp. opened up shop, it had a nifty idea: a "palmtop" computer not much bigger than a pocket date book. It was a fully functioning clone of the IBM PC, but its cramped keyboard and small screen limited its appeal. Now, the Santa Clara (Calif.) company is hoping that a new communications package will give the 1-pound Poqet PC a second chance.

Poqet has joined forces with Infonet Services Corp. in El Segundo, Calif., to transform the pocket-size PC into a portable electronic mailbox. The result: the Personal Communicator, a Poqet PC with a modem and software to tap into Infonet's worldwide communications and information system. The two companies aim to entice globetrotting executives away from heavier laptops. The setup, including training and customer support by Infonet, will be available in late spring. To boost sales, Poqet cut the PC's list price by $500, to $1,495.

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