What's Next, Wheel Of Salvation?

The French outfit that brought you Rubik's Cube thinks it has another sure-fire hit: a religious board game that is backed by the Pope. John Paul II hasn't actually played "Catechic" yet--it won't hit the stores until September--but His Holiness has allowed his picture to grace its cover, says its developer, Paris-based Ideal Loisirs.

Ideal worked for nine months with Catholic authorities to develop 1,000 Christian trivia questions. Correct answers let miniature saints go marching through a cathedral. Sample: Who was Christ's Roman judge? Pontius Pilate. Or a toughie: Who wrote the music for the French film Dialogue of the Carmelites? Francis Poulenc.

Ideal, formerly the French unit of CBS Toys, won't predict sales. But President Bernard Farkas is such a papal bull that he plans to offer Catechic in five languages: French, English, Spanish, Italian, and--"for obvious reasons," he says--Polish.

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