How's That Again? Mac Users Get A Prompter

Almost everyone finds it easier to talk than to write. Maybe that's why voice mail has caught on so much faster than electronic mail. Information Presentation Technologies Inc., a networking company in Calabasas, Calif., figures that software might also be more palatable if computer programs could communicate orally, too. Its latest product, VoiceFont, is a $129.95 program that lets owners of Apple Computer Inc.'s Macintosh attach voice memos to their word processing, spreadsheet, and data-base files.

VoiceFont, which will be available starting in mid-January, works with most popular Mac programs, including MacWrite, Excel, and WordPerfect. To use it, Mac owners need a machine equipped with a microphone, so they can record a spoken message to point out, for instance, a budget item that needs adjustment. A symbol then appears on the screen to alert others working on the budget that there's a voice message. To hear it, workers "click" on the symbol with the Mac'smouse.