The Dividend Tip Sheet: Where the Payouts Are Growing Fastest

By Suzanne Woolley and Bloomberg Rankings - 2014-06-18T18:00:24Z

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Where to Find Dividend Growth

Since Bloomberg first ranked companies on projected dividend growth in January, the S&P 500's gained more than 25 percent; cash hoards at non-financial companies rose to about $2 trillion and a new Chair settled in at the Federal Reserve. To see how the list itself changed, Bloomberg re-ranked S&P 500 companies by their three-year projected dividend growth as forecast by Bloomberg dividend analysts. The top 25 companies here, ranked from lowest to highest growth, are among 347 expected to increase dividends over three years, as of June 17. That's a big jump from the 130 companies out of the 500 that fit that bill in January.

We provide yields, which measure the income an investor gets from a stock relative to its price; those yields assume a continuation of the most recent dividend payout. We also provide the 12-month projected dividend yield of the 25 companies. Click to see what companies top the new list. 

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