Bloomberg Professional


Access the mobile features of the Bloomberg Professional service on your smartphone or tablet by downloading the Bloomberg Professional mobile app. You will need your B-Unit to authenticate your identity when you first download the app. After initial set up, you simply tap the icon to log in with your terminal password.

App Available On: iPhone | iPad | Apple Watch | BlackBerry | Android

Apple Watch Features include:

  • Monitor real-time price and volume data for the world’s biggest equity indices.
  • Get real-time information on the biggest market moves and dive into the details of key securities with a single tap.
  • Customize and receive instant alert notifications on your choice of news, markets and eco alerts.
  • Access to the stories you need to know from Bloomberg News.


  • Instant, secure access to breaking news and research, wherever you are
  • View the latest prices from all major markets » Equities, Bonds, Commodities, Foreign Exchange, Fixed Income, Economics
  • Access real-time, comprehensive news from tens of thousands of sources, including Bloomberg’s exclusive coverage. See the day’s top stories globally as well as those on the specific markets, regions, companies, topics and people of interest to you.
  • Access all of your Instant Bloomberg conversations with individuals or groups, including your persistent chat rooms.
  • Monitor your portfolio holdings intraday under the portfolio functionality. Compare your portfolio’s sector weights relative to a benchmark, as well as use graphical visualizations on the heat map feature.