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Brexit Pain Hits London Housing

Prices drop for a 10th month as decision to leave EU erodes demand


Robert Burgess

Inverted Yield Curve Is Hiding in Plain Sight

The world beating the U.S. to the punch leads market commentary.

Komal Sri-Kumar

History's Not on the Market's Side in a Trade War

The fallacy in interpreting the immediate investor reaction as muted misses the likely secondary and tertiary impact of tariffs.

Noah Smith

On-Call Work Schedules Make It Hard to Have a Life

Stable hours are better for workers and lead to higher profits.

Mohamed A. El-Erian

Five Factors That Could Mess Up Global Growth

Recent developments have exposed cracks in a seemingly happy configuration.
Tyler Cowen

Hardliners Learn That Democracy Can Pay Off

One-state regimes are liberalizing markets and growing faster. But they remain autocratic. 

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