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May Mailbox

“Metals Mogul” May 2011

I spent 10 years (1993 to 2002) in Russia building a company there. Your reporting was precise, detailed and highly accurate of the early years in business post-Soviet collapse. Great story and great reporting. Jeff Lew New York

I am left with genuine admiration for the clarity that you have brought to the incredibly convoluted and tortuous passage of this one man, Deripaska, as he’s been left to his own resources throughout two astounding decades. Christian Rodan Geneva, New York

“Professor List’s Reality Show” April 2011

You seem sincere in reporting what is in fact antique idiocy. The unsaid premise of these experiments, and in most neoclassical economics, is the notion of timeless, universal “man” that behaves according to rules and laws knowable through this type of research. Without this, any conclusions that are drawn are strictly local: They have no broader application. There is a massive literature that points to the utter intellectual bankruptcy of these scientistic approaches to the world. Robert Urie Cambridge, Massachusetts

“Gaming the System” March 2011

As the director of the Community Development Financial Institutions Fund, with responsibility for oversight of the New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) program, I believe that the story provides a misleading portrayal of this valuable program. By focusing on only a handful of the close to 3,000 NMTC projects and by using a poverty measure not widely used by government agencies, the author attempts to argue that the program’s activities haven’t met its lofty intents, obscuring the merits and design of a critical public policy program. The public would have been better served had the author discussed projects in low-income communities, including the health-care center and charter school not far from the church you mentioned. Donna J. Gambrell U.S. Department of the Treasury Washington

“How Colonel Sanders Conquered China” March 2011

So, Yum Brands has established 3,200 KFC locations in China with a goal of 20,000 within the decade. I wonder if David Novak also plans a cardiac care network and insulin laboratory. It’s sad that when Americans are battling obesity, our corporations are exporting unhealthy diets. China sends us bok choy; we send a bucket of chicken. The ghost of Sinclair Lewis’s George Babbitt can now extend his boosterism into the arteries of everyone on the planet. Edward Mackin Willow Grove, Pennsylvania



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