London’s Struggling Property Market Only Has One Hotspot Left

by Adam Blenford, Neil Callanan, Lisa Fleisher and Julian Burgess

The headlines just keep coming: According to experts, London's property market is either dropping at the fastest since 2009 or it's growing at a slower pace that the rest of the U.K. It's also showing more signs of being in the doldrums. However you cut the cake, the upshot is a continuing tale of stagnation. This month's Bloomberg analysis of preliminary U.K. Land Registry backs that up. Our model shows that just one borough in London -- Brent -- now boasts annual price growth of above 10 percent. (We've excluded Kensington and Chelsea because its housing stock is expensive and sales values are volatile.) Overall, our calculations show London prices rose by 2.7 percent in the year ending in January 2018. While some analysts already see the British capital in a property downturn, our figures echo recent data from the Office for National Statistics. All of the analyses agree on one thing, though: Prices are under pressure, and there's no sign of an imminent recovery.

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