It’s Not All Doom and Gloom in London’s Property Market

Yes, there is pessimism and there are falling prices. Yes, plenty of indicators show London in the grip of a slowdown, and there are a record number of homes under construction that don't yet have buyers. Year on year, fewer homes sold every month in 2017 except April, according to our analysis of preliminary U.K. Land Registry sales data. But there are pockets of value gains: Prices in Brent rose 18% over the year, Haringey is up 16% and in Lewisham, where 221 homes were sold in August, prices rose 15.5%. While the center is still cold and many outer boroughs now have a chill, there are places buyers are still willing to pay.

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London real estate at a glance, last updated October 27, 2017:

Highest priced sale

Median home price

Change in price from last year

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