How Your Pay Stacks Up to Your CEO’s

The ratio is calculated by dividing the CEO’s compensation by the pay of the median employee, meaning half of a company’s workers make more and half make less. Honeywell International Inc., which was one of the first large U.S. companies to disclose it, had a ratio of 333-to-1 last year. The ratio at Hanesbrands Inc. was 1,830-to-1 while Zynga Inc.’s Frank Gibeau had a ratio of 12-to-1. These are the companies that have filed, including those with the median, lowest and highest CEO pay ratios.

A long-running study by the AFL-CIO shows leaders of S&P 500 companies made about 347 times more than their average employees in 2016, up from 41-to-1 in 1983. A 2018 survey by Equilar Inc. found that CEOs earned 140 times more than their median workers.