Presidential election 2022: second round

French Election Live Results

Initial projections show French president Emmanuel Macron has been re-elected in the second round of the presidential election, defeating far-right rival Marine Le Pen for the second time.

French Presidential Election Second Round Results

Macron led with 28% of the vote in the first round on April 10, compared to 23% for Le Pen. Far-left candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon finished third, missing the second round by less than 500,000 votes.

This page will continue to update as more commune-level results are reported by the Interior Ministry.

Official Results by Commune 👆

Note: The color of each circle represents the candidate who obtained the most votes in a commune. The circle may be sized (1) by number of valid votes or (2) by the margin between the two rivals, in percentage points

Greater Paris

Overseas Departments and Regions