The Bloomberg Job Skills Report 2016: What Recruiters Want
By Francesca Levy Francesca Levy and Christopher Cannon Christopher Cannon
February 9, 2016
Every year we survey the recruiters hunting for top MBA talent to figure out what attributes are most valued in managers and how the latest crop of business school graduates stacks up. As part of our latest ranking of business programs, Bloomberg asked 1,251 job recruiters at 547 companies about the skills they want but can’t find—and which B-schools are doing the best job of turning out job-ready graduates.
The skills gap
We asked recruiters which skills they wanted most, and which they had trouble finding. In the upper-right corner below are truly valuable skills: recruiters want them, but consider them rare.
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Another way of looking at this is by charting the importance and rarity of each skill across industries. Recruiters picked up to five skills they considered “most important” and five that were “hardest to find.”

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These schools are hitting the sweet spot
Recruiters rated MBA programs on how well their graduates mastered each skill. See which program’s graduates score highly for each industry’s sought-after skills.
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Why are some lists shorter than others? For a school to be matched with a skill here, it had to be scored by a minimum of eight recruiters in that industry who have experience with the school’s graduates.
How schools stack up
Here’s how 103 business schools scored on a one-to-five scale for teaching each skill. Bubble sizes vary by number of ratings—recruiters only judged schools they were familiar with, and skills they cared about.
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    Size reflects number of recruiters scoring a school
    Each school, in depth
    Pick a school to see how (and how many) recruiters rated it for a specific skill, within each industry.
    The source of the data in this report is Bloomberg’s employer survey, which was conducted as part of our 2015 Full-Time MBA Rankings. The survey was conducted in partnership with Cambria Consulting between June and August 2015. For this report, we focused on recruiters in the 11 industries with the most responses, for a total sample size of 1,251. Below is a breakdown of all of the recruiters we surveyed, by industry.
    We used data from recruiters industries with the most responses. That resulted in a slightly smaller sample than the one used for our rankings (From 1,461 recruiters in 26 industries, to 1,251 recruiters in 11 industries).

    To qualify to take our survey, respondents had to have recent MBA recruiting experience. We also asked them to pick, from a list of 14 skills, the five most important, and the five hardest to find, when recruiting MBAs. We also asked them to identify up to 10 schools at which they had significant recruiting experience in the last five years.

    Recruiters then rated, on a scale of one to five, how well these schools’ graduates performed on the specific skills they identified. These scores comprise the findings in this report.

    We define “sweet spots” as the skills that the largest numbers of recruiters within each industry listed as both highly desired and hard to find.

    It is common for MBA alumni to take up the task of recruiting from their alma mater for their employer. However, alumni tended to rate their own school significantly more favorably than non-alumni rating that school; while some schools in our rankings had many alumni in the employer survey, others had zero. To correct for this imbalance, we excluded alumni ratings from this report.