Who Turns Down the Best Business Schools?
By Jonathan Rodkin, Christopher CannonChristopher Cannon, and Jeremy Scott DiamondJeremy Scott Diamond
December 2, 2015

Plenty of MBA hopefuls are thankful to get an acceptance letter from any of their top-choice schools (most of them applied to three or four, Bloomberg data show). Some lucky students, however, get accepted to more than one of the country’s best schools. We asked thousands of 2015 MBA graduates which schools they had applied to, and where they enrolled, as part of our 2015 business school rankings. The answers of students who turned down acceptances from top-tier programs create a unique measure of a school’s prestige. Here’s how five elite programs fared when students had the option of turning them down.

436 students who were accepted to...

...and at least one other school ended up enrolling at:

105 students were admitted to both Harvard and Wharton, two schools that often accepted the same students. Here’s where they chose to attend: