The Airport Frustration Index
The joys of the airport: Late or canceled flights. Long lines. Crowded terminals. Overpriced, appalling food. Bloomberg Businessweek surveyed more than 3,000 frequent flyers, analyzed travel times to and from airports, and compiled on-time departure and arrival data to find the most—and least—irritating places to catch a plane in the U.S. and Canada.


Each airport received a frustration score of 1–100 based on the time it takes to get there; how easy it is to clear security; the quality of terminals and restrooms; amenities; and how often flights take off on schedule.


The ease or pain of reaching the airport can make or break a trip. We partnered with Google Maps to calculate average rush-hour driving times between city centers and airports. (The ranking also takes travel by public transportation into account.)

Time at the Terminal

We asked flyers to rate the overall pleasantness of being at the airport. Is security a hassle? Are the seats at the gates comfortable? Are the restrooms disgusting? Are there places you'd actually want to eat?


Ultimately, the thing everyone wants most from any airport is to leave it. On time. Even among those that score highest on the list, it doesn't happen nearly often enough.

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