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Pity the Baba Bears

All things must pass, but shorts were thwarted in 2017.
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At Closing, January 19th
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It really sucked to be short Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. in 2017.

No wonder the bears are starting to give up.

Short interest peaked July 14 1 at 141 million shares. 2  With the stock up 74 percent for the year at that point, you could understand the hopes for a slide. The bears were disappointed. Not only did Alibaba keep climbing, the lowest close from that point was a drop of a mere 60 cents, or 0.4 percent.

Giving Up

After a lot of hope for a downturn during the middle of the year, Alibaba shorts started declining toward the end of 2017

Source: Bloomberg

The shares have since gone on to rise another 13 percent, and by the close on Dec. 28 were up 96 percent for the year. The stock did ebb a little in the interim, but an 11 percent peak-to-trough decline was barely enough to make shorting worth the hassle. 

On the Up

Alibaba shares just kept rising and rising in 2017

Source: Bloomberg

Meanwhile, short interest has waned to 116 million shares, 3  the lowest level since April. 

Oh well. Sorry bears, better luck in 2018.

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  1. Short interest is reported by the exchange twice per month.

  2. Trading is in ADRs. One ADR = one share.

  3. As of Dec. 15, 2017.

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