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Style Struggle
New leadership and a return to its roots are helping sales at Lands' End. But its long-term outlook is still highly uncertain.
Source: Bloomberg
Revenue Wanted
Don't take Nestle's Atrium purchase as a sign that the company is done contributing to the consumer M&A boom.
Source: Bloomberg
We'll Do it Later
A nascent threat to Botox should raise questions about how Allergan has been spending its rapidly diminishing cash pile.
Source: Bloomberg
A Bit Long in the Tooth
Xiaomi is China's oldest mega-unicorn. But a $50 billion valuation seems like a tough ask as it eyes an IPO.
Source: CB Insights
Note: Chart shows VC-backed companies with $10 billion valuation that have not gone public

And don't miss Tara Lachapelle on Charlie Ergen's mysterious moves: "Deja vu has become a running theme at Dish, between the endless decline of satellite-video subscribers and the repetitious promise of a bright, futuristic vision for Dish's role in the wireless market -- a market in which it's not even a true player yet. This also isn't the first time Ergen has stepped back from his day-to-day CEO responsibilities to pursue grander plans. He did so six years ago and the result was a deal offensive, albeit an unsuccessful one."

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