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What Volatility?
The weather is perfect for IPOs. It's hedge funds that are to blame for derailing two big European IPOs.
Source: Bloomberg
AbbVie's estimates would see it add a whole pharma company worth of revenue over the next 8 years. That seems a bit much.
Source: AbbVie/Bloomberg
Tesla equity investors took a big hit this week. But don't forget its increasingly skittish bondholders.
Source: Bloomberg
Note: Yield-to-maturity; spread versus the ICE BofA Merrill Lynch Single-B U.S. High Yield Index.
"Pretty Much Nobody"
Greenhill's CEO asserts that the firm doesn't have a retention problem, but churning through roughly 44 percent of its managing director base would seem to qualify as an issue.
Source: Bloomberg Gadfly analysis of company announcements, news reports, LinkedIn profiles

And don't miss Stephen Gandel on Equifax's continuing woes: "In similar corporate scandals, outside firms have led the investigation. Instead, Equifax's is being conducted by members of the board, although they have hired a separate law firm. Worse, two of the three board members leading the investigation were also on the board's technology committee, which had the express responsibility of reviewing and monitoring the company's data-security efforts. Clearing executives of wrongdoing will also clear the board and in particular its technology committee."

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