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Go West
Dunkin' Donuts would be an extremely pricey purchase for JAB. But huge growth potential means that it's not out of the question.
Source: Company presentation
Bitcoin Bump
CME Group's announcement that it will list bitcoin futures is a much needed legitimizing step for the cryptocurrency.
Source: Bloomberg
Healthy Chunk
The Franklin Income Fund's huge Community Health holdings are one of the few reasons left to worry about bond market liquidity.
Source: Recent filings, Bloomberg
This data is culled from the latest Franklin filing and may not include very recent trades
The Thrill Is Gone
Everyone focuses on Apple's worsening squabble with Qualcomm. But don't forget that a lot of other things are going terribly for the chip designer.
Source: Bloomberg Intelligence and IDC
Note: Shipment growth for 2017 is a projection.

And don't miss Shelly Banjo on Samsung's less-than-revolutionary executive shifts: "The only problem is, Tuesday's shakeup doesn't resolve the issue of who is really in charge. The musical chairs suggest the company is still holding on to hope that Jay Y. Lee will be able to appeal his five-year prison sentence and return to the helm regardless of who is running Samsung's three key business units."

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