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GE's third quarter earnings dumpster fire is going to have serious consequences. The company's big dividend is in the firing line.
Source: Bloomberg
Squint for Profits
A technology IPO that's actually profitable? What sorcery is this?
Source: Stitch Fix
Note: Stitch Fix's fiscal year ends each July. Gross margin accounts for the cost of merchandise, expenses for shipping and returns, payment processing fees and other costs.
In Need of a Quicker Picker-Upper
P&G's third quarter earnings were fine. But they aren't nearly good enough to dispel criticisms from Nelson Peltz.
American Exceptionalism
Schlumberger's outperformance in North America is extremely good news -- for Halliburton.
Source: Bloomberg, the company
Note: Year-over-year growth.

And don't miss Lisa Abramowicz on the stakes of President Trump's Fed choice: "Whether it's Jerome Powell, Kevin Warsh, or even current head Janet Yellen, the choice will mark a shift in Trump's tenure leading the world’s biggest economy. That’s because the president, who railed against Yellen during his 2016 campaign, will now be assuming ownership of this credit cycle and however it's dealt with going forward." 

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