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Fidelity's fee tweak is unlikely to dissuade investors from flocking to cheaper options.
Source: Broadridge
Unicorn Leapfrog
Meituan Dianping's enormous funding round helped it pass Airbnb on the startup-valuation league table.
Source: CB Insights
Hope and Fear
Apple investors have been laser-focused on the late debut of the iPhone X. But the company needs the less-flashy iPhone 8 to be a hit as well.
Source: Bloomberg
Crisis Perspective
The relative calm of Spanish yields shows how far Europe has come in its ability to manage bond-market woes.
Source: Bloomberg

And don't miss Liam Denning on Rick Perry's inadvertent M&A impact: "The intellectual rigor underpinning Energy Secretary Rick Perry's proposed subsidy for coal-fired and nuclear power plants was captured best in the response given last week by the 'Dancing With The Stars' alumnus to a congressman's question about the plan's projected cost:

What’s the cost of freedom? What does it cost to build a system to keep America free?

When it comes to M&A, though, intellectual rigor is only part of the equation; tactics and plain old second-guessing are equally important."

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